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Amanda Varney - Witness Statements

Damien Hastings, (fiancé of the deceased)

...I phoned Mandy several times after she broke off our engagement, but I never put the phone down on her. I did if her mother answered the phone because I didn't want to talk to her... Mandy accused me of making funny phone calls and we had a big row. I didn't phone her again.

...I was at home all evening. My mum was there. No, not in the same room all the time, and she went to bed about ten. I didn't go out at all. I often stay in. I was saving up to get married.

Sharon Barlow (School receptionist)

I don't remember anything different. Mandy and I used to work until five and then we'd close the office. Mandy went for her train. She always caught the train, it was easy for her. It was fine that evening, one of the first nice days we'd had. Mandy said something about it being nice when she put her coat on. She said she was going shopping, then she was going for her train. That's what she always did. She used to pick up a treat for her dog in town before she went for the train home.

...she was upset about it. She'd known him for a long time. It was something and nothing, as far as I could tell. He'd gone out with the lads and spent some of their savings, one of those sorts of things. I think it would all have blown over in the end. Mind you, Mandy's mother was sticking her oar in...

Graham Knowles, (retired)

It was about eight, a bit before. I was walking the dog. We always go along the footpath, through the cemetery and then cross the line on the little road there. I was just looking back towards the motorway, and down into the cutting. I see some interesting birds there sometimes... It was like she was sitting by the line, just sitting there a bit back in the bushes. I called out to her, because it was a stupid place to be, that's what I thought at first. It took me a minute to realise...

See sketch map, attached

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