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Amanda Varney - Personal details

Amanda Varney
  • Name: Varney, Amanda (Mandy)
  • Marital status: Single
  • Age: 21
  • DOB: 10th August 1977
  • Description: 5' 6", medium build. Fair hair, blue eyes. No distinguishing marks.

Amanda Varney lived with her parents in Moreham. She worked as a clerk for the local council education department, at a school in Conisbrough. She went to school in Moreham, and left when she was sixteen. She went to college for a year and gained a qualification in Office Practice. Her job in Conisborough was her first and only job. She was well liked by her colleagues, and was described as "quiet", "pleasant"; and "reliable".

She got engaged in February to her boyfriend of three years, Damien Hastings, also of Moreham. Hastings is a plasterer and worked for a local building firm. There is some evidence that Mandy's parents, or her mother at least, did not approve of the relationship, and the engagement was broken off in March, ironically just a few days after it was announced in the local paper. Hastings was reportedly very upset, blaming Amanda's mother. Amanda began to receive "hang-up" phone calls after the engagement was broken off.

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