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Snake Pass, looking back towards Glossop

She was climbing up the hill outside Glossop now.

The road curved to the right past a house that glowed a warm light onto the road, then turned left, rock on one side, a drop on the other. The climb was long and steep, and she changed down to third, then second. The engine roared.

There were white wisps in the air in front of her, and suddenly she was into a bank of fog, her lights reflecting in a white glare. She slowed down, peering ahead, wiping the windscreen futilely, trying to see.

Then it was clear again, the lights shining onto the wet road, illuminating the rocks, the moorland grass, a sheep tucked into a lee of stone. She was nearly at the top, and the road flattened out.

There was just wilderness round her now, flat peat and grassy tussocks and bog. Her headlights reflected on water, sullen pools in the dark ground. Soon, the road would start dropping down, past Doctor's Gate, between Bleaklow and Kinder Scout, down between the thick trees, and on through the empty night.

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