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Night Angels

Beyond the darkness, terror lies in wait...

A winter's night. Gemma, a young research worker is driving to Sheffield across the Snake Pass.

As a game, she pretends that the black BMW she keeps seeing is following her. And then, on the loneliest stretch of the road, without explanation, her car breaks down. She is never seen again.

In Hull, a woman is found dead in a hotel room. Her face has been destroyed. Is there a connection between this death and the missing researcher, or the prostitute found dead in the Humber Estuary who may have been brought into the country illegally?

Roz, the forensic linguist who unwittingly holds the clue to Gemma's disappearance is oblivious to the danger that is drawing closer and closer.

Anna is a young Roma woman who has escaped from the traffickers who brought her into the country. She is running from the dangers of her past, unaware the she faces the worst dangers ahead.

The investigating officers see the deaths of these prostitutes as the deaths of expendable women on the streets of Hull. Lynne, the detective whose job it is to hunt down traffickers in women from eastern Europe, is not so sure. And as the investigation develops, she realises there may be a darker and more sinister force at work. It sometimes seems that the only one who cares about the dead women is the unknown person who lights candles to the dead in an old church.

Meanwhile, a stalker watches Roz in the silent corridors of the university at night, and as she sits alone in her rambling house in inner city Sheffield. Anna hides on the streets of Hull, vulnerable and alone.

A killer capable of chilling violence is loose on the streets, and the only clue to what is happening is concealed in a recording of one woman telling her story - in a language that so far no one can recognise or understand.

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Some foreign editions

Le Col du serpent - the French edition Nachtengel - the German edition Nattens änglar - the Swedish edition Yön Enkelit - the Finnish edition

Some foreign editions of Night Angels: published in French as Le Col du serpent, in German as Nachtengel), in Swedish as Nattens änglar and in Finnish as Yön Enkelit.