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re: 12th Lithuanian Police Auxiliary Batallion

Emzed — I don’t think I can tell you anything you want to hear. The 12th Battalion were among the worst. If your grandfather was involved with them, then he at least watched things happening that no civilised person should see.
If you want more information, check out some articles on the Telegraph site ( Search for Antonas Gecas, aka Gecevicius. He was the commander of Platoon 3 of the 2nd Company of the 12th Battalion. They were all volunteers.
The Kurapaty Forest was nothing to do with them. In a way, your grandfather was right. More people were killed in Kurapaty than by the Nazis, if you want to judge these things by numbers. Sorry.

12th Lithuanian Police Auxiliary Batallion

I saw your query on the web – sorry I didn’t pick it up earlier. I have been doing some research into the events of the Nazi occupation of Eastern Europe. My grandfather who was Lithuanian was on active service in the Ukraine and Belarus from 1941-1944 when he escaped the advancing Red Army and joined up with the Allied advance. My grandmother always talked of him as a hero, but I have recently found out some things that make me doubtful about his role. He served in the 12th Lithuanian Police Auxiliary Batallion — the Schutsmannschaft. If any of your research gives you information about this, I would be grateful if you could give me access to it. The reason I am contacting you is that he used to talk about death pits in the forest around Minsk, the Kurapaty Forest. A few days before he died, he said to me “We were never the worst.”